A Romdisk Editing System

Welcome to the ares home page.

What is it?

ares is A Romdisk Editing System. A romdisk is an image one puts onto small devices. I built ares to edit the romdisks one uses for the Agenda VR3 GNU/Linux PDA. The romdisk is pretty much everything but the kernel.

The romdisks that both Agenda and independant developers release may or may not have all the software one wishes to use on one's PDA. Thus I created this system.

How it works is as follows: you tell ares to unpack a romdisk. It puts it in whatever directory you tell it to. Now you can edit the image as you wish. Once you are done you pack up the image again then zip it over to the VR3.


Python >2. Sorry 1.5ers but there are a few too many > 2.0 constructs for me to remove. Please install a recent version (it is possible, of course, to have more than one version of python installed. When installing ares be sure to install it with python2)

What Can It Do?

While the romdisk is uncompressed you have the opportunity to make whatever changes you like. ares can automate some of these changes for you. Here is a list of ares' current "Actions":

What Will It Do?

Here's my todo list:

How About an Example or Two?

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